Living the Dream

Robert Ruark said that the things that matter most in hunting are the anticipation and the remembrance, with the actual hunting being in a secondary position. I don’t know that I’d go that far. The actual hunting is still pretty important to me. But anticipation and remembrance makes my hunts a lot more satisfying and the experience last far longer than those days in the bush or weeks up in the mountains. 

I’ve been  fortunate enough to have gone on some great hunts, ranging from bustin’ through the Newfoundland tuckamore for Woodland Caribou to climbing around the Yukon high country for Dall Sheep.

Moose at Kawdy Outfitters

I take a lot of pictures on my hunts, and to help me keep the memories alive forever, Susie has transformed some of them into full-fledged DVD productions, complete with movement, music, and narration. So, whenever I want to relive the hunt or share it with others, I can just put in a DVD and watch my hunt on TV.

And, should it ever turn out that I can’t go hunting anymore, rather than turning into a bitter, twisted old man, I can always watch my shows and relive the excitement.

British Columbia Mountain Goat

If you have any questions about the Dall Sheep DVD or the Moose DVD productions, send an email to

Yukon Dall Sheep at Dickson Outfitters

Along the way, I’ve met some outstanding guides and outfitters. I do a lot of research before I select an outfitter, because choosing the right outfitter will make the difference not only in the outcome of your hunt, but also whether it’s an enjoyable experience.

Sheep Hunt DVD and Moose Hunt DVD productions

So far, we have produced the Dall Sheep DVD about my trip to the Yukon, and the Moose DVD about my trip with Kawdy Outfitters in northern British Columbia.

Rocky Mountain Elk
Sunset at Hunting Camp on Klinkett Lake, British Columbia

“One of the chief attractions of the life of the wilderness is its rugged and  stalwart democracy; there every man stands for what he actually is and can show  himself to be.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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