Newfoundland Moose

Late in the fall of 2004, I returned to central Newfoundland for a moose hunt.

Arriving in camp by plane

A large hurricane was due to hit the island and we just made it into camp before the first of the high winds and rain started.

It was two days later before we were able to start hunting, but the wind and rain were still a force to contend with.

Bogs and Tuckamore, Mario's Rock


Early morning, the bogs and tuckamore made for some pretty sights  while we searched for moose.

After three days,  we spotted a young bull chasing a cow in a bog just as the fog was lifting.

North Island Bog

The freezer will be full now, with a typical Newfoundland moose.

Newfoundland Moose

After quartering up my moose, the rest of the day was spent backpacking it out the couple of miles to the lakeshore, so we can get a boat from camp to come out and pick it up.

Packing out the Newfoundland Moose
Celebrations in Guide's Camp

Come the last day, with all the hunters having tagged out in only three days of hunting, we get together in the guide’s shack to do a little celebrating.

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