A Kawdy Grand Slam

In the fall of 2007, I returned to northern British Columbia to hunt again with Kawdy Outfitters.

This wolf was called in by my guide after we spotted him going over a ridge. A great trophy for me, and it’ll probably save several moose and caribou calves this winter.

Wolf taken with Kawdy Outfitters

Huge alpha male - you can see his size.
This is the result of one shot at 320 yds.

Wolf taken with Kawdy Outfitters

 I'm really disappointed because he's not as large  as I wanted. The guide seriously misjudged his size but once he was down, it was too late to reconsider.
 Interesting hunt however. After the first shot, he went down almost immediately and never got up. We watched for an hour and he nothing moved except his head. I took a second shot and again no reaction whatsoever, so we assumed my first shot had broken his spine...


We approached and as we rounded some small spruce trees, we found him bedded down. I then approached, thinking of delivering a final shot. I got up within 10 feet of him, when he immediately sprung up and charged.

Firing from the hip, I hit him square in the chest and he fell. His head was 5 feet from where I stood.
No,  I did not have to change my pants, but it sure was exciting.

Canadian Moose taken with Kawdy Outfitters

Mountain caribou:
A 380 yd shot  and he's huge.  Had he been a couple inches wider, he would qualify for a B&C all time award. As it turned out, his gross B&C score is 390.   B&C all-time trophy  needs a net of 390, so my deductions would take him out. Still a nice trophy that I'm real happy with.

Mountain Caribou taken with Kawdy Outfitters
Mountain Caribou taken with Kawdy Outfitters

The grizzly bear is not mine, however, I was in on the kill. Really exciting.

Mountain Grizzly taken with Kawdy Outfitters

On my first day, my guide and I accompanied another hunter who took this grizzly on the last day of his hunt. The next day, I took the wolf. The following day I shot the moose. And the next hunting day after that, my caribou.
How's that for a great hunt?

With the help of my wife, the account of this hunt was featured as lead story in Mountain Hunter magazine. It was also   published in Trophy Hunter magazine.

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