British Columbia Moose

In the fall of 2005, I was off again to northern BC, in hopes this time to take a large Canadian moose.

Spike Camp in British Columbia

After a 40 min. flight from Watson Lake, Yukon, I landed at a small lake and a cabin which was to be my home for the next few days.

The first few days, we searched the bogs and marshes looking for my moose.

Searching for Moose

On the third morning, we spotted a bull and a cow feeding at the lakeside. After a two-mile stalk, which included wading through two waist-deep rivers, we were in position: 290 yards across the bay from the feeding moose.

Bull and Cow Moose The Great Hunter...
Lakeside Moose Location
British Columbia Moose
Packing back to camp by boat

Another hunter and his guide had taken a huge grizzly far from their camp. They made it to our small cabin to spend the night with us, rather than spending it out in the bush.

This was the largest bear taken by the outfitter in his 32 years of outfitting.

Grizzly claws
Grizzly with Stan, or vice versa...

A plane was called in and we moved to another camp so the other hunter could hunt for his moose.

Plane and Antlers

We made short work of finding his moose. The remaining days were spent fishing in a lake that was teaming with huge lake trout like this.

Lake Trout
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