Quebec-Labrador Caribou

In 2001, I flew out of Radisson on a twin engine Otter. After a quick refueling stop at the Indian village of Kuujjuarapik, I flew on to Lac Minto, a prime spot from which to hunt the Leaf River caribou herd.
All of the Western part of northern Québec along James Bay, including Lac Minto, is private land belonging to the local Inuit. My outfitter had exclusive access to this land at that time.

Camp was comfortable and warm, located right on the shore of Lac Minto, which allowed us to cover large hunting areas each day.

Camp at Lac Minto
Heading back in the dark

We headed out early each morning to hunt on our own. Each evening, we were picked up at a designated spot.

These were long days and we often returned to camp in the near dark.

The first three days were slow, seeing only a few caribou. But on day four, activity picked up slightly and I was able to fill both my licenses.

Quebec Labrador Caribou

My largest caribou, which I took the morning of my birthday, made Boone and Crockett book.

B&C Quebec Labrador Caribou

A beautiful sunset on the last day in camp brought my first outfitted hunt to an end.

Sunset  at Lac Minto
Quebec Labrador Caribou Mount
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